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Custom Grey Label



Customise your home with your own unique labels for just £1 each.
These decals are perfect for labeling storage boxes, baskets, trays, bottles and much much more! All labels will be in the font and colour (grey) that is in the picture displayed, other fonts and colours are available on request but may not be included in this offer.
Please type your desired text in the box provided below.



1-7 characters will be 10cm wide

8-15 characters will be 14cm wide

For different sizing please send me a message before ordering.


Make sure the item you are applying your label to is clean and dry.
Your labels will come complete with transfer tape so all you will need to do is peel it from the backing paper and apply it the item. You can use a credit card as a squeegee to make sure it is smooth. Gently peel off the transfer tape and ta da! Enjoy your customised item.

These labels are waterproof but take care when cleaning.