Introducing.. Me!

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am the creator of Daxie Designs, based in Willand.

I started on this new venture just one month ago with the aim to bring you unique and personalised items that are made to keep, as well as hoping to make your life simpler.

So why 'Daxie Designs'?

Well.. Have you ever tried to name a business before? It's pretty hard to think of something you love that is also easy for people to remember, while still sounding (somewhat) professional. So I took a little look around my surroundings for some inspiration and what was staring me in the face? Of course, my two cheeky little 5 month old dachshund puppies! (Yes you heard right, two!). From there, daxie is short for dachshund and designs just seemed to fit. Ta daa! Daxie Designs was born.

For more information on me, what designs I'm working on and maybe a few pictures of my fur babies please check back soon or follow my Facebook page.

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